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Web Banner Ads
Banner advertising is more measurable & more effective than any other form of media and available to any budget.
Mobile Ads
Mobile Advertising represents a ginormous opportunity in any business advertising plan. What % of your advertising budget is mobile?
Digital Billboards
Digital Advertising is not just on your PC or Mobile device. It is now a growing form of media in South Africa.


Search Engine Advertising
People could be searching for you now, and you have no idea!
Facebook Advertising
Advertise on the largest social network in South Africa with over 9 M users
Video Advertising
Don’t have a large TV budget? But have great video material. Look no further

Maths. Use maths.

At Elastic, we’re geeks. We’re maths geeks, coding geeks, software geeks, media geeks… We think numbers are beautiful and get a little excited about how maths can make media campaigns more effective.

Allocation to Digital Spend by Region – South Africa is severly lagging behind in world trends

South African businesses are only spending 2% of their marketing budgets on digital media
ADEX 2012
“10% of the SA Population accessed the internet via 3G
AMPS 2012
South Africa has the largest smartphone usage in Africa”
Jon Hoehler
“In the past week, 7.5M people accessed the internet in South Africa.”
AMPS 2012


Our Optimal GRP Products aim to balance campaign performance against your target market using only Premium Internet sites and large-size ads.

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