About Elastic Media Africa

We are Elastic Media – a division of The Amorphous Group, which consists of Hudlr, Amorphous New Media, Times Media Business Apps and 25AM


Group Structure

Group Structure

Why Elastic
Digital Media Spend is an ever increasing trend across the world, and as South Africa & Africa play catch up to these trends it is utterly important that the products & services offered in this domain are of the best quality. We offer new & exciting services for media planners, media strategists and media savvy managers to make digital media more effective.

Our launch begins in July 2013 in South Africa, our home base. In the near future our network will extend across Africa.

Built from the fire of Amorphous New Media the Elastic Media Africa team is niched and quite clever.

Elastic Media Africa is a level-3 B-BBEE company. We fall under the Times Media B-BBEE certificate.