Amorphous Group (part of the Times Media Family) launches Elastic Media Africa.

“It appears that South African companies and business targeting to do business on the continent are woefully under-spending in digital media. Nielsens say we spend about 2-3% of our total media budgets, In South Africa, on digital assets despite mobile devices being the communication lifeblood of the continent. This needs to change.” spouts Grant Shippey – CEO of AMORPHOUS.

Amorphous and Times Media are investing in a mobile digital future via company acquisitions as well as product and service development. The Group intends to capitalise on what will certainly emerge as a growing trend as marketers shift spend to connected and mobile devices.

The nexus of the business is to sell audiences not advertising positions. The holy grail of media planning to is minimize wastage in a campaign, i.e. don’t’ pay for ads where you don’t need to. The idea was distilled into a neat algorithm that can maximise a client’s advertising spend to attain the maximum outcome for a particular budget. A first in South Africa.

“We love maths. We love media just a little more.” says Group CEO Grant Shippey. “The in-house developed algorithm is the heart of the business. The mathematical heart of the business. “

 Why Africa?

Over 20 markets in Africa have over 1 million connected users! These include Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

 What is the offering?

Elastic will be launching its offering with an Optimal GRP product for use by media planners and buyers. A Private Ad Exchange is also being constructed across 20 key African Markets. Ad exchanges are technology platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of online media advertising inventory from multiple sources. A Private Advertising Exchange is a network of advertisers that can be measured and utilized in a consistent manner.

The Private Network will be aimed at developing indexed products to help advertisers reach markets simpler, on larger scale with independently audited figures. Elastic Media Africa will be developing products for general reach across Africa’s significant audiences as we as products for specifically for a financial services niche.




Elastic Media Africa is a maths obsessed digital media and advertising agency that is part of the Amorphous Group – a Times Media family member. The media geeks have developed real-world algorithms to optimise media spends to maximize Gross Ratings Points! A first in South Africa. Maths can help you do anything.

www.elasticmediaafrica.com or call +27 11 380 6513



Elastic Media is a new venture from Amorphous Group (part of Times Media)

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