Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising represents a ginormous opportunity in any business advertising plan. What % of your advertising budget is mobile?


Mobile in Africa - by the numbers:

  • An estimated 16.3% of individuals use the Internet in Africa.
  • An estimated 10.9% of Africans have an active mobile broadband subscription.
  • An estimated 0.3% of Africans have a fixed (wired) broadband subscription.
  • An estimated 6.7% of African households have internet access
  • Highest percentages of individuals using the Internet: 47% in Seychelles, 41% in Mauritius. South Africa (41%), Cape Verde (35%), Nigeria (33%), and Kenya (32%).
  • Kenya has the largest amount of international internet bandwidth per internet user in Africa (24 kbit/s per user). South Africa follows at 19 kbit/s, then Côte d’Ivoire at 17 kbit/s, Seychelles at 17 kbit/s and Mauritius at 15 kbit/s.

*Source: Measuring the Information society 2013 


Services Include
  • Advertise your brand to Mobile users in South Africa and more
  • Strategy & planning according to demographic, location & device
  • Campaign set-up
  • Campaign management (Optimisation & Measurement)
  • Ad serving through Admob or accredited mobile network
  • Accurate reporting
  • Insights


How does Mobile Advertising work?
Mobile advertising allows us to target users according to to many demographic factors such as Age, Gender as well as location . Mobile advertising allows you to enter the market cost effectively without big budgets for creative and spend. You tell us who’d you’d like to target and we can plan a mobile strategy in order to do this in the most effective way. For instance – you’d like to Target individuals in Johannesburg who own a Iphone with IOS 7 as you have a you have a new APP you would like people to download

What are the ad types?
Mobile allows for many sizes of banner ads that are specifically sized for phones & tablets.

What devices can we target?
We can target a number of devices. But we can target 99% of phones & tablets  that are connected to the internet via WAP, cellular data and wireless.  Ask for us the list from our sales team
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