Video Advertising

There are approximately 6 Million users in South Africa spending hours watching videos online to which you can target & test without a huge TV budget.

YouTube now gets over 4 Billion video views per day. No wonder Netflix and YouTube now account for over 50% of peak fixed network data in North America. (Forbes, November 2013) And this trend is crossing over to Africa and South Africa.

  • The largest age group is  18-24 with total of 1 953 400 users, followed by the users in the age of 25-34
    • 49% male  51% female

Platforms available to advertise on

Largest online video platform in the world. Only pay when people watch your ad with TrueView. Target the right people, by age, gender, and location and interests.   
3 Million Monthly visitors in Africa and the Middle East. And 102 Million Monthly visitors worldwide
MSN Video
Reach up to 100 million consumers with in-stream video opportunities across thousands of publishers with MSN


What types of ad formats are there?
Although there are many different options with online advertising, the benchmarks remain the same. There are in-stream ads which  play like a TV-style ad before, during or after another video In-search ads where your video appears in a special promoted section of the video search results pages. In-display ads appear alongside other videos, or on websites which are part of the network that match your target audience.

Why advertise on a video platform?
Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website. Say you run a hotel in Nairobi. You can shoot a video tour of your rooms and promote it as a TV-style ad before other travel videos. Or put it next to video search results for “Nairobi hotels,” or on Nairobi travel websites where vacationers will see it as they browse on their tablets, PCs, web TVs and smartphones. You don’t need fancy equipment or a big budget. And with video, you pay nothing unless a viewer chooses to watch your video. If you’re ready to grow your business, we’re ready to help.

What platform would you recommend?
There are many platforms, networks and publishers offering online video advertising. AOL, CNN, CBS, Conde’Net, ESPN, Forbes, Fox, IGN, MTV, Reuters, WSJ, Walt Disney and Yahoo. However the current king in this landscape is YouTube
Services Include
  • Advertise your brand to online video platforms across all countries
  • Video Strategy & planning
  • Video Campaign setup
  • Video Campaign management (Optimisation & Measurement)
  • Ad serving through video advertising platform
  • Accurate reporting
  • Insights
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